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inMeet is a feature-packed cloud based SaaS video meeting platform that will help you make the most of your video conferencing and collaboration experience. Join a secure meeting with flawless HD video, audio, screen sharing, and instant message.

Don't struggle anymore
Discover a seamless HD video meeting experience

Rock-Solid Reliability

inMeet delivers best possible video quality in every given situation, it ensures maximum uptime and reliability to maximize your productivity.

Enterprise Security
Enterprise Grade Security

Conduct your business meetings with utmost security and transparency. inMeet ensures high level of privacy by implementing high grade security systems.


inMeet is a high value, low-cost HD video meeting platform. With us you can save a lot more on your existing billings.

Enterprise Readyness

Unmatched Video Quality

Experience crystal-clear collaboration with inMeet’s 4K video and bandwidth optimization, ensuring seamless communication for everyone.

Enterprise Readiness and Scalability
HD Meetings
Enterprise readiness

Cost Effective and scalable

Slash conferencing costs by up to 70%! inMeet’s innovative licensing, including Concurrent options, unlocks maximum flexibility and savings for your organization.

Legacy Endpoints

Multi-Camera Support

Captivate viewers with live streams from up to 6 angles, switch seamlessly between feeds, and enrich presentations for a dynamic meeting experience.

Legacy Endpoints
Anyone from anywhere
Collaborate Globally

Multi-Screen share

inMeet’s Multiple Screen Share lets 4 participants share content simultaneously, with easy prioritization for a dynamic and engaging meeting experience.

Dedicated Support in India

inMeet’s dedicated India-based support team provides prompt solutions and personalized service for a smooth workflow.

Works on any device
inmeet webinar

Inbuilt Webinar Module

Go beyond meetings with inMeet’s built-in Webinar Module! Host captivating webinars with crystal-clear video, rich features and robust security.

Make the future of work effortless.

inMeet delivers high-quality and secured video meeting solutions that help your business of any size to run smoothly today and tomorrow.

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